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Welcome to Hoover Stock Photograhy Pictures

Hoover Stock Photography offers royalty free stock photos, backgrounds, illustrations, photo images, and digital art for use in personal and commercial web site design projects. Check out the categories to the left or use the search box to begin your search for free stock photos.

New flowers, textures and miscellaneous images have been added to the website. I just bought a new camera so many more pictures will be coming soon. >> read more news

Please review the terms of use for the free stock photos before you download any of the free stock photos offered on this website.

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Find free raw stock photos that might need to be touched up for your projects.

Our free stock photos include the following categories: animals, architecture, backgrounds, fashion, flowers, food, home, illustrations, landscapes, miscellaneous, objects, people, textures, and transportation.

What is Stock Photography? Stock Photography consists of images and photographs that can be licensed for specific use in your projects. You are welcomed to use Hoover Stock images in your web site design projects at no cost to you. Check out our stock photo terms of use here.

By using Hoover Stock's Royalty Free Stock Photography images instead of hiring a professional photographer you can save yourself valuable time and stay on budget.

With a wealth of images to choose from, the Hoover Stock Photography image database may be searched online to help you find just the right image that you are looking for. Our images may be downloaded right away.

If you use our images we would appreciate a link back on your resources page.
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Hoover Stock Photography offers free download royalty-free stock photos, backgrounds, textures, illustrations, photos, images, and digital art for use in personal and commercial web site design projects.